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Teaching Philosophy

Music is an intrinsic part of the human experience. Although music is not always

a conscious part of a person’s life, it is still present.  I am convinced that the study of music is as important as math, science, history, or any academic discipline, as part of a holistic education.


Successful pianists are well-rounded musicians. It is my intention to help my students become not just pianists, but fully developed and motivated musicians. I encourage my students to bring their own music and goals to the lesson, giving each individual ownership of their skill. In order to help my students achieve their goals, a strong foundation in technique is built from the beginning of study. Theory and history are taught in order to foster greater intellectual and academic understanding. Students are encouraged to develop independence through instruction in reading music and ear training. Artistic development is fostered through repertoire as well as improvisation.


It is vital to me that my students leave the lesson feeling enthusiastic and self-reliant. Additionally, it is my goal to help each student achieve their individual best.  Above all, my most important objective is that my students learn to express themselves through music, regardless of level and ability. It is my job, then, to cultivate each student’s potential in order that they may have a rich experience in their exploration of music.



Lesson Format


Weekly private lessons are offered to all ages and levels, adults as well as children. Monthly workshops and field trips are offered in addition to lessons. Performance opportunities are offered twice a year. Enrolled students also receive a monthly studio newsletter with activities for children, articles for adults, and musical events!


Lessons occur at my home studio in Rochester's Upper Monroe Neighborhood. 30 minute, 45 minute, and hour long lessons are available. My studio is equipped with a Mason & Hamlin grand piano, two keyboards, recording and composition technology, and classroom supplies to guarantee that every need is met over the course of our learning process together.

Performance Opportunities


Recitals are a valuable opportunity to build confidence, memory retention, and concentration skills.  Students even learn valuable skills that will aid with situations later in life, such as public presentations and speaking.  Recitals are held twice a year, in winter and spring.  Additional performance opportunities can be made for the motivated student, including additional recitals, competitions, and adjudications.

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