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Michelle L.

Tasha is a gifted piano teacher, and I feel very fortunate to have her as my 6 year old daughter Edie's piano teacher.
Tasha seizes every opportunity from the random behaviors of kids to teach something musical in them. When Edie started pressing random notes rather than playing the lesson book, instead of stopping and redirecting her, Tasha used the moment to teach Edie how to make her own music and write it down. Edie got so excited about making her own music!
When Edie had a tired day and was having difficulty focusing on her lesson, Tasha taught her the basics of improvisation, and instead of sticking to the lesson book, they played a duet. It was a fascinating musical experience for Edie. By the end of the lesson, she was refreshed and charged with musical inspiration!
One time when a piano in the studio needed a minor repair, Tasha took that moment as an opportunity to show Edie the inside structure of piano and taught her the sound mechanism. Edie found it very interesting!
I can give endless examples like this. Tasha just knows how to keep the kids' passion and enthusiasm for music going on. Tasha is a very positive and encouraging teacher, helping my daughter to stay self-motivated. She challenges my daughter without pressure. For Edie, piano lessons with Tasha are a "musical play date" she looks forward to every week!

Edie P.

Tasha is the best! I love her color pencils and I love the stars she draws when I get a "pass." She lets me play Bach, my favorite composer!!! I love her "Ta-di-da(for beat)" and "tsss (for a rest)."

Micah C.

Tasha is everything we wanted in a piano teacher: enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and great with our daughter. She understands the balance of joy and discipline in music and how to communicate that to our six year old. So lucky we heard about her through a friend!


Emily H.

Tasha is an amazing piano teacher, as evidenced by our daughter Mary's growing love of music and playing and even composition. We love that Tasha is fun and kind and encouraging, but also strict and very serious about music education. We also appreciate what a good job she does of instilling in her pupils independence and a sense of ownership over their own progress and education. We feel so lucky to have found a real piano teacher who is dedicating so much of her time and energy to teaching piano and building a little music-playing community.

Karen C.

Tasha is not only a gifted pianist, she is also a wonderful piano teacher.  Tasha is extremely knowledgeable, instructing her students in both technique and theory.  She makes a real connection with her students, always encouraging them to do their best using positive feedback.  Tasha allows her students to have fun, but is firm when needed.  We have been very, very blessed to have had Tasha as our daughter’s piano teacher for these past three years.  She gave Cassy the gift of a love of music.  Thank you, Tasha.  We love you!

In Home Piano Lessons Ithaca NY, Piano Lessons Ithaca NY

Cassy C.

Tasha is the best piano teacher anyone could ever have.  She is really nice and makes learning the piano fun.  I like the way Tasha teaches me different techniques and always helps me when I make a mistake.  Tasha has made me love playing the piano.  I will miss Tasha so much when she leaves.

In Home Piano Lessons Ithaca NY, Piano Lessons Ithaca NY

The Snodgrass Family

Tasha has taught piano to our girls, now ages 17 and 15, since January, 2011.  She has come to our home for lessons during all this time, and we cannot recall a time she was late or couldn't make it, or was unprepared.  She has been extremely flexible with us, with all the changes of school schedules, extracurriculars and family events.


Even more importantly, Tasha picked up where the girls had left off in prior lessons, and took them from "elementary" piano to "experienced" piano.   Our girls are always happy that Tasha has arrived, they listen and learn intently, guided by Tasha's patience and skill.  We are so happy that our girls still love to play the piano and we certainly attribute that our girls have continued the piano with all their other activities, as a tribute to Tasha.  Both girls also scored extremely highly at their last Gold Cup competition and could not have done so without Tasha.  We have enjoyed the beautiful piano music that continues to expand in our home.  It is wonderful to hear the practice too!  The girls are confident in their piano skills.  We certainly wish Tasha all the best!

John P.

Miss Tasha is a very good teacher - she is kind, and lets me pick out music I like.

In Home Piano Lessons Ithaca NY, Piano Lessons Ithaca NY

Marie P.

Miss Tasha has good techniques for teaching piano - I've learned to play a bunch of pieces in a short time!

The Wexler Family

Tasha has been able to meet the individual and unique needs of our children (6&9). She has exhibited patience, yet is firm and supportive. 

I thank her for introducing the piano in a fun and creative way!

In Home Piano Lessons Ithaca NY, Piano Lessons Ithaca NY

Anahita W.

Tasha was our daughter's first piano teacher and she is truly outstanding.  Tasha's teaching style is a great balance of keeping the student's attention and teaching, while making the lesson fun.  It's very effective and Lily enjoyed each lesson and showed great improvement over a short period of time.  I highly recommend Tasha as a piano teacher for any age group!

Val A.

We know our 7 year old son Jayden has a musical passion.  It takes a great instructor to teach, and help a child open up. Miss Tasha has helped him become knowledgeable and confident as well as having fun when learning. Jayden loves his time with her and has really flourished by her lead. Thank you for making his first musical experience so wonderful. 

Tricia D.

I have really enjoyed having Tasha for my piano teacher. I love her teaching style. She makes it fun, and I’ve learned so much from her. I started out with Tasha as a beginning student two years ago, and with her guidance I have achieved a Gold Cup Superior Rating in each of the last two years. She has given me a very strong foundation for continuing my piano studies into the future. I appreciate all she has done for me.

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